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Tech Focused, Client Driven

Technology Investment Bank and M&A Advisor


Bois Capital is an independent investment bank and M&A advisor focused on the software technology and telecommunications sectors.


The team has extensive corporate finance experience along with experience in developing products, marketing technology products, and investing in technology companies.

This extensive technology experience enables Bois Capital to understand a client’s technology at a deep level, articulate the strategic technological fit with strategic acquirers, and find strategic acquirers that might not be obvious.

Bois Capital works internationally, sourcing acquirers from Asia, Europe, and North America and leveraging its extensive global network of senior executives.

Bois Capital provides financial advice on significant mergers, acquisitions, spinoffs, as well as financings for private companies. Thanks to the deep international reach and senior management contacts, the  firm,  from  time  to time, assists companies in their business development activities on a highly selective basis. Bois Capital has an excellent track record of closed transactions. We close transactions expeditiously.

Bois Capital provides technology sector specialization, international senior level connections and a Managing Director leading each transaction on a day­-to­-day basis. Bois Capital acts for its clients located throughout the world from its office in California.


"Bois Capital delivered when it mattered the most, bringing unmatched alacrity and professionalism. Leveraging its in-depth knowledge of ecommerce sector and senior level connections, Bois Capital prepared excellent positioning materials and were invaluable as they reached out to over 150 targets globally across quite a few sectors. I highly recommend Bois Capital for sell side M&A in the technology sector. "

Susanne Bowen, CEO of Edgecase

"Bois Capital was tireless in helping us properly position our business to a whole network of potential acquirers in various Ecommerce and Web development subsectors.  Their expertise in messaging combined with their aggressive and extensive outreach to targets across the Ecommerce ecosystem and sharp negotiating skills resulted in a successful exit to Magento"

Ofir Tahor, CEO and cofounder of Shopial

"The right kind and level of contacts to cast a wide net for the work we did together. Once we were in a position to pitch, their understanding of the space helped make sure the discussion resonated with the strategic goals of the target. I'd recommend the Bois Capital team to anyone looking at M&A in the telco analytics space."

Brian Jurutka, SVP Mobility Solutions at ComScore

"The Bois Capital team are true experts in telecoms and analytics M&A and were critical in promoting the company to a whole sea of potential acquirers across many different subsectors. Their expertise in understanding the space and ability to position the story and our value differently to each acquirer really came through, leading to a very successful exit for the management team and our investors. I would highly recommend Bois Capital to any firm looking at an exit."

Gil Friedlander, CEO of CrowdX

"My experience with Bois Capital was great. In leading the sale of my cloud services firm they brought enormous professionalism, deep technical understanding of the space, and real expertise in positioning and pitching our business to the many categories of potential acquirers."

Nicholas Vossburg, former CEO of CloudBearing

"Bois Capital is one of the few banks I would recommend to anyone. Their integrity, technical expertise, high level contacts, and strategic understanding of the underlying trends in the tech and telecoms market really brought huge value. It was a real pleasure working with a team who knows the space so well and drove a professional sales process with an intensity and true passion."

Sanjay Rohatgi, CEO of Mobidough

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